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Key Point: The Oyster fare for any individual journey is the lowest fare available (contactless card fares are identical to Oyster). For each calendar day there is a fare cap (the maximum you can pay in a single day on public transport) and this is always less than the alternative 1 day Travelcard. Oyster fare caps are explained in more detail further down the page Oyster Peak Single is £12.80, when touch in is between 0630-0930 or 1600-1900. Oyster Off-peak Single is £9.80, when touch in is at any other time. So if you can start early then Oyster or contactless is your friend, likewise if you can avoid the evening peak on the way home A contactless debit or credit card can be used in place of an Oyster card at the same fare. The single Oyster fare for a bus or tram journey is £1.50, although the Hopper fare rules allow unlimited bus and tram journeys within one hour of first touching in for no additional cost. Passengers need to touch in using the same card on all the bus and tram journeys made and any free fares are applied automatically

London Underground Oyster Fare Finder. Check how much your oyster fare will cost or how much a London Travelcard will cost between two underground stations. From. Going To Show Fares. It's always cheapest to buy an Oyster card, get them from the Official Visit Britain shop. Buy an Oyster Card. Fares for Zones 3, 2, 1. Travelcard Anytime. £12.10. Travelcard Off-Peak. £12.10. Oyster Anytime. If your Oyster card has a negative balance after your first journey, the Hopper fare won't apply. You'll need to top up your card within one hour of touching in to be eligible. 5-10. All 5-10 year old's travel free on buses and trams and don't need a Zip Oyster photocard. 11-15. Travel free on buses and trams with an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard. If you have a non-concessionary 11-15 Oyster. Railcard discounts cannot be applied if you use a contactless payment card. Full details of all Oyster fares are on the Transport for London website . Reminder. Remember to touch in and touch out when using Oyster pay as you go otherwise a maximum Oyster fare will be charged and in addition you could get a penalty fare. Travelcards on Oyster. Travelcard season tickets are available on Oyster. Official online shop for Oyster card. Order your Oyster card travelcard, check Oyster card prices or top up Oyster Pre Pay

A single bus fare costs £1.50 with a Pay as you go Oyster card and contactless credit/debit card. 'One Hour' hopper fare There is a 'one-hour' hopper fare for Pay as you go Oyster/contactless card users. You can take as many bus journeys as you want in a one-hour period for £1.50 Oyster cards or contactless payment cards are the cheapest way to pay for single fare journeys on the underground, buses, DLR and some trains in London. Pay as you go If you don't travel frequently, you may find pay as you go is the cheapest option Die Oyster Card kann an den meisten Bahnhöfen, in Geschäften sowie an speziellen Automaten gegen ein Pfand von fünf Pfund erworben werden. Sie kann an den Verkaufsstellen zurückgegeben werden und das Pfand sowie ein eventuelles Restguthaben (unter zehn Pfund) werden dann ausbezahlt

Single fare finder. Find the cost of a single journey between two stations. Caps and Travelcard prices. Compare caps and Travelcard prices for your travel. Tube and rail fares . Prices for pay as you go, caps and Travelcards when you travel on Tube and rail. River fares. Prices for pay as you go and tickets when you travel on River services. Bus and tram fares. Prices for pay as you go. I am going to London for 4 days and I do not have an Oyster Card (I might get one though). Day 1: Zones 1-6 Day 2: Zones 2-3 Day 3: Zones 2-3 Day 4: Zones 1-6 Would an Oyster Card be better value? Thank There are peak and Off-Peak Oyster single fares on National Rail with the fare set when you touch in at the start of your journey. The peak fare applies Monday to Friday: 6:30am - 9:30am and 4pm- 7pm; Off-Peak applies at all other times and on Public Holidays. Find out about Oyster fares at the TfL farefinder. You can also register your Oyster card for Railcard discounts. A 34% discount will.

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A single adult fare from Victoria or London Bridge to Gatwick using Oyster costs £15.50 during peak times and £8.50 off peak. Peak travel for these companies is Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900. Pricing on the Thameslink and Southern lines is comparable—not surprising as they're both part of the National Rail The Oyster Card Gives You Cheaper Fares. The biggest advantage to the Oyster card is that you pay less per trip than you would if you purchased single tickets. A trip in zone one with a single ticket costs £4.90. The same trip costs just £2.40 with your Oyster. That adds up to significant savings over the course of your trip. You will likely use the Underground at least twice a day, but you. Single fares in a zonal system ought to be straightforward. In London they aren't. The tables on this page attempt to highlight the fact that it's not just the zones you travel through that matter, but also which lines you use. Yes, there really are eight different scales for journeys within zones 1-9. Let's start with a definition of when each scale applies. The coloured lines.

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Fares Available Paying By Oyster Card or Contactless Payment Card: Single Journey Fare £1.50. 1 Day Bus Pass £5.00. 1 day bus only cap for Oyster & Contactless Payment Cards £4.50* 7 Day Bus Pass £21.20. 1 Month Bus Pass £81.50. Annual Bus Pass £848.0 Oyster Card Fares and prices Home. Accomodation. Airports. Attractions. Arts & Theatre. Bars & Pubs from some local shops such as newsagents. it is cheaper and more convenient to use an electronic card called an Oyster card.. You must buy a ticket before you travel which is valid for your whole journey, or you will have to pay a penalty. If you have a travelcard which only covers travel in. The fare that you pay using an oyster card will be calculated at the time you touch the yellow reader at the exit barriers. The fare will depend on the travel zones that you have travelled to and from, and the time of the day that you have travelled, as there are peak and off peak fares. This is why one oyster card is needed for each person. If.

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  1. While you could buy single tickets, or paper day passes, using an oyster card will reduce your London underground fares significantly. In the case of the printed day pass ticket (about £12.00), if you are using an oyster card it will automatically stop charging fares at around £7.00 and all subsequent rides that day and night are free. And as far as single ride tickets go, what a hassle! On.
  2. Oyster Card - The Oyster card is a London-wide rechargeable card, designed to be re-used, and accepted on pretty much every form of London transport. There are a number of versions of this card, however for the purposes of this post we're going to focus on the standard blue Oyster card that you can purchase in London from most train and tube stations. For more on the different kinds of.
  3. Single tube fares are cheaper with Oyster Pay As Your Go or contactless bank card, then buying a paper ticket with cash. Report inappropriate content . Adam-Chance. United Kingdom . Level Contributor . 3,173 posts. 18 reviews. 25 helpful votes. 2. Re: Oyster vs Travelcard & extension fares 3 years ago. Save. You have to watch out, as Watford Junction is not zone 9, the tube map shows.
  4. There are daily caps for oyster Useage, it depends on what zones you travel in, zones 1-2 is £6.50 per day. Your fare will be deducted for each journey up to the cap and after that it will show as paying £0.00 unless you move into another zone
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Bus single fare: Oyster PAYG (peak) 2004: 70p 2005: £1 2006: £1 2007: £1 2008: 90p 2009: £1 2010: £1.20 2011: £1.30 2012 (original): £1.40 2012 (revised): £1.35 2013: £1.40 2014: £1.45. Do single parents get help with transport fares/given bus passes/oyster cards? Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. Andy W. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. I don't believe so. Why do you think they should? Single parents already get a load of assistance from government so why should they also get subsidies locally from the fare paying public? 0 2. What's the point? Lv 7. 1 decade ago. There are Anytime and Off-Peak Oyster single fares on National Rail with the fare determined by what time you touch in at the start of your journey. The Anytime fare applies Monday to Friday: 6:30am - 9:30am and 4pm- 7pm; Off-Peak applies at all other times, weekends and on Public Holidays. Find out about Oyster fares at the TfL farefinder. You can also register your Oyster card for Railcard discounts. A 34% discount will apply to the off-peak daily price cap with the following Railcards: 16.

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In addition to cheaper individual rides, when traveling with an Oyster Card, a 'cap' is automatically applied once you reach a certain amount each day. For example, the most you will ever spend in one day when traveling within zones 1 & 2 with an Oyster Card is £6.80 These extensions allow you to use either a contactless card, mobile device or an Oyster card to pay for travel. As Oyster PAYG is based on single fares, there are occasions when Oyster may not be the cheapest option for your combination of journeys. Details of PAYG single fares can here found on the TfL website here You can also add the discount to your standard Oyster card or your 18+ Student Oyster photocard to get a 34% discount on single off-peak pay as you go fares on London Underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) services. Peak times are from 06:30 to 9:29 and from 16:00 to 18:59 Monday to Friday The prices of £3.00 single and £5.20 return are for paper tickets. You can't buy a day travelcard for just zones 3-4, the return only allows 1 return trip. Oyster single fares are £2.40 peak (0630-0930 and 1600-1900 M-F) and £2.00 off-peak. You can buy period travelcards for zones 3-4. They cost £24.30/week, £93.40/month or £972/year. If you really don't want to use an Oyster card or don't have a contactless card, the One Day Travelcard is the next best money-saving pass. The paper off peak One Day Travelcard is £13.50. This might seem expensive, but it's still cheaper than paying the full cash fare for 3 underground trips in central London (3 x £4.90 = £14.70)

TfL introduced Oyster cards in 2003. Their use has declined in favour of contactless payment cards, which the organisation first introduced to pay bus fares in 2012. However, in the 2019-20 financial year passengers still paid £1.51bn of fares with Oyster cards, compared with £2.34bn with contactless Whether you travelled using an Oyster card, contactless card or paper ticket, you can ask TfL for a refund. You'll get the value of a single fare for the distance you travelled. The delay must be because of reasons within TfL's control. This includes a defective train, faulty track or overrunning engineering work Find fares for tube, rail and bus journeys in London. Calculate the cost of using an Oyster or contactless card on the Underground, DRL, TfL Rail and National Rail services. About; Help; Contact; Tube & train journeys From. To. Leaving + Add journey Calculate Fare Card type Card type. Travel day Weekday. Weekend / bank holiday. Bus & tram journeys Number of bus journeys * Whilst every effort. Every time you make a journey on London's public transport your contactless payment card is charged a fare, the same fare as Oyster cards. Once you reach the daily cap (see below) in a day that is the maximum you will be charged for public transport that day. Top of the page. Oyster Card & Contactless Payment Card Fares - Compared to Single Cash Fares valid until 1 March 2021 : Fare 1 Journey. Adult Fares (With The Oyster Card) Single - £1 Return - £1.50 Week - £2.50* 4 week - £4.50* Child Fares (Cash) Single - 50P Return - £1 Week - £1.50* 4 Week £2.50* Child Fares (With The Oyster Card) Single - 25P Return - 50P Week - £1* 4 week - £2* These fares stay the same, regardless of where you travel * - Only at our travel shops . Powered by Create your own unique website with.

From 17th December 2018 adult Oyster cards apply weekly (Monday to Sunday) capping to bus and tram journeys. If using concessionary Oyster cards (eg apprentice, student etc) then weekly bus tickets should still be added to take advantage of the discounted rates. From 12th September 2016 a new bus hopper facility is being introduced. The first bus/tram journey will be charged a fare, then any. Oyster card single fares. A Hetmanski made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Transport for London This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened. Gweithredoedd. A Hetmanski Ysgrifennwch ateb; Diweddaru statws y cais hwn; Gofyn am adolygiad mewnol; Transport for London Ymateb i gais; Rhoi gwybod am y cais hwn Help.

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The cost will be deducted from your Visitor Oyster Card credit: a single journey costs £25 (Peak) and £22 (Off Peak) Please note these fares are charged separately and do not count towards daily capping. You can also buy standard Heathrow Express tickets from VisitBritain Shop. Can I travel with an Oyster card to Gatwick Airport? You can use a Visitor Oyster Card to travel between Gatwick. Children's ZIP Oyster cards, London Freedom Pass, 60+ London Oyster photocard and Veterans Oyster photocard holders can NOT travel free on the these routes If you're travelling between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria, please be aware that there are two fares in operation. If you travel on the Gatwick Express you will be charged the more. Instead, you can pay for your bus fare with a Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card, Travelcard or contactless payment card. If you pay with a Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card or contactless payment card, a single adult fare is £1.50. If you have a paper Travelcard, just show your ticket to the driver

The Oyster Card works on a pay-as-you-go system. You start by preloading money onto the card (for example £20). Then when you travel the cost of the fare will automatically be deducted from your Visitor Oyster card. You can add money to the card at any underground or railway station London fare zones are also used for calculating the cost of single and return paper tickets, Oyster card pay-as-you-go fares and season tickets. Route map of zonal system of the railway services directly managed by Transport for London. Stations only served by National Rail services are not shown in this map. History. Before the introduction of fare zones, tickets for rail travel in Greater. There are Anytime and Off-Peak Oyster single fares on National Rail with the fare determined by what time you touch in at the start of your journey. The Anytime fare applies Monday to Friday: 6:30am - 9:30am and 4pm- 7pm; Off-Peak applies at all other times, weekends and on Public Holidays. Find out about Oyster fares at the TfL farefinder. You can also register your Oyster card for Railcard. No, the Oyster card is valid only in and around London.In Liverpool, each public transport mode (bus,train) has its own fare structure and there are day tickets or single fares available.That said, the centre of Liverpool is very walkable, so you may be able to get around on foot Independent help site for TfL Oyster smart card. Register; Log in; Rss; Fare Finder. Oyster and National Rail . An independent guide, including when not to use Oyster . Have your say - Visit our New Forum. Single fares (2016) Single fares in a zonal system ought to be straightforward. In London they aren't. The tables on this page attempt to highlight the fact that it's not just the zones.

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* the pay as you go single fares quoted here only apply to journeys wholly on the Euston - Watford Junction rout Oyster will all the time mechanically calculate the most cost effective fare for the journeys you make in a single day. Additionally it is simpler to make use of - your Oyster card is reusable - simply prime it up with money or renew your Travelcard/Bus Move when wanted. You'll be able to retailer your Travelcard/Bus Move and/or money to pay as you go in your card Oyster Anytime Single . £5.10. Oyster Off-Peak Single . £3.10. Oyster Anytime Daily Cap. £11.80 . Oyster Off-Peak Daily Cap. £11.80. Cash Anytime Single. £6.00. Travelcard Anytime. £17.20. Travelcard Off-Peak. £12.10. Buy an Oyster Card Buy a Travelcard. What is Anytime? Anytime can be used at any time during the day from which your ticket is valid. It is valid up until 04:30 the next.

The Oyster card is a form of electronic ticketing used on public transport services within London.It is promoted by Transport for London and is valid on a number of different travel systems across London including London Underground, buses, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground, trams, some river boat services and most National Rail services within the London Fare Zones Currently on oyster pay as you go card. Or should i change to travel card on monthly? 22/11/2020 at 02:17 #249. Mike (admin) Keymaster. Hi Yash, As long as you make the journey 18 times in a month then a monthly ticket would be worthwhile. It costs £363.30 compared to £21 for peak singles each day. However, there is a cheaper way. Contra peak travel between Euston and Watford Junction is. TfL's Oyster card also offers pay as you go but isn't available between Reading and West Drayton, fares and daily caps are the same; As contactless pay as you go is based on single fares, it may not always be the cheapest way to pay for a journey. Find out more about pay as you go fares. Always remember to touch in and out

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If you wish to know how much you will be charged for your journey, you can find single fares here. If you use your Oyster Pay As You Go for a number of journeys, the fare you will pay will be capped below the Daily Travelcard rate. For daily price capping information see here. Please note you can't use Oyster on the following rail services on any journey starting or finishing outside the Pay. If you come to London and need one single trip from A to B, for the entire day, (each is 2,40£ basically almost double the price compared to the Oyster Card fare) The Oyster card is forever! You buy it once and can use it for ever. It looks like a credit card in size, and can be topped up whenever you need it, at ticket machines in every tube station, but also in train stations and some. Receive 1/3 off Standard fares with a Transport for London (TfL) Travelcard. This means you can receive 1/3 off standard Adult and Child single tickets, Adult River Roamers, Child River Roamers and Season Tickets. Oyster cards linked to Travelcards (weekly, monthly, annual) will automatically apply the 1/3 off when touching in and out Within Zones 1 and 2 only, single cash fare for Tube is £4.50, using Contactless or Oyster a single is £2.40 at any time. Does this help? For clarity: a bus cap only applies to buses only, and all with the same Contactless method or Oyster, per person. The daily Oyster cap is for all buses, Tubes, trams and trains used, and if you go beyond the zone the cap is higher, as is the single fare.

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I've just moved to London and got an Oyster card. I started using it for single fares in zone 1 & 2, this cost me £2.40 each way. But I realised I could log my 16-25 railcard onto it, I did this today but haven't used it since because I'm out of credit. I just wanted to know how much the fares will now be so I can decide how much to top up next Oyster cards are not valid on our Country routes, other than to obtain child discount (see below), but we do have local cash fares in the TfL area. Single and day return fares . Adult single fares range from around £1.50 to £5.00 depending upon distance and area. Some £1.10 short distance fares are also available, for example St Albans City Centre - City Station. Day return fares are. Therefore shouldn't Oyster cap my Zones 1-2 travel separately and then have the zone 8 single fare on top. It seems in my case I have not been charged the cheapest fare. See pic: Tried contacting customer services, they said they 'thought' zones 1-2 would cap if I traveled around there first and then made my zone 8 single travel, but not the other way round which I did. tickets tfl oyster-card.

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The costs can be computed based on this PDF table (permanent link in case of update) or using the Single Fare Finder. With an Oyster card, a journey from Waterloo to Clapham Junction (zone 2) costs £2.20. From Waterloo to zone 3, you would pay £2.70 (all off-peak fares). If you plan several journeys within zone 1-3 on Saturday, you would pay £7.70 in total. For Surbiton, the Fare Finder and. Oyster Card is the most popular way in London to pay for public transport. The fare structure is complex, here we explain Oyster for the visito The Oyster card is similar to the EZ-Link card, allowing you to tap in and out on trains, buses and when using the underground. However, it's not the only way to access cheaper fares when in London - you can also simply tap in and out with a contactless card or mobile device¹

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Single fares and caps are the same as a normal adult Oyster card. You can also get a 16-25 National Railcard and have the discount added to either a blue adult Oyster or an 18+ Student Oyster. This gives you a third off the adult off-peak single fares and the off-peak cap Oyster cards for London 2012 Olympics and Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The first card, to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend in June, features an official portrait of the Queen and will be available to purchase and collect from mid-May at all London Underground ticket offices. The second card, which will be released in mid-June, features a design that celebrates all of the events taking. Since January 2016 you can use your Contactless or Oyster card to travel from Gatwick to London on both normal rail services, and the Gatwick Express. The prices for single fares on normal services can be found in the Single Fare Finder, and based on it a trip from Gatwick to East Croydon costs £5.20 peak / £3.00 off peak,. Instead of keeping a balance on your Oyster card, with contactless payment the fare will be automatically deducted from your bank account/payment card account. If you have a joint account, you can both use a contactless payment card, but you must have a contactless payment card each, not one card for one account, and trying to pay for two people traveling together with one card won't work. Arrive in London with your Travelcard / Oyster Card in your pocket, ready to be used. FARES FOR CHILDREN AND KIDS. From 0 to 4 years: travel for free, no ticket needed. From 5 to 10 years: they travel for free, if accompanied by an adult (max 4 children for each adult) you do not need a ticket. From 11 to 15 years: boys rate. (Oyster Card is not able to manage child rates, we recommend that.

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Senior, 16-25, Disabled Persons, Annual Gold Card holders and HM Forces Railcard holders: A third off the adult Off-peak Oyster single fare for most journeys A third off the off-peak Daily price cap However if you use the single fare finder on the TfL website for a zone 1 or zone 1-2 journey and specify 'National Railcard' it comes back with £1.80 which is the normal Oyster off peak single. I. This is an advantage to every visitor, so what they need to do is to buy the Oyster card as an authorized person to avoid any kind of hassle when trolling in London. There are a lot of reasons to buy this oyster card, but one of the main reasons is that an individual can save more money as the rate of fare is much cheaper than buying a single ticket. Another thing is that every visitor is able.

You can use a Visitor Oyster card in any zones, but your fare will vary depending on which zones you travel in. The card automatically calculates the cheapest fare for the zones you use. Zones map Ready to buy? Buy a Visitor Oyster card Buy a Travelcard Buy a GroupDay Travelcard (10 or more people) Freedom of information; Jobs ; Media; Terms and conditions; Delivery information; Cookies Policy. You can also use a Contactless debit or credit card to pay as you go at the same rates as Oyster. Peak single fares will apply if you touch in between 06:30-09:30 or 16:00-19:00 Monday to Friday. EXCEPTION: Peak fares do not apply to journeys in the evening between 16:00 and 19:00 made from stations outside Zone 1 to stations within Zone 1. Between London Euston and Watford Junction (including. Oyster card glitch costs Transport for London £250,000 in a single morning. Barriers at many underground stations were left open as commuters enjoyed a rare free journey on the networ Bus student fare card. The card allows 16-18 year old Surrey students in full-time education to travel on Surrey buses for the under 16s fare on single and return tickets only.Contact individual bus operators to find out whether they apply the discount to season tickets, as this is at their discretion.; It can be used for eligible bus journeys only (see below) You can also use contactless payment, which has both a daily and weekly fare cap. This may work out cheaper than a Travelcard. A Visitor Oyster card can be delivered to your home before your visit, or Oyster cards can be purchased in all London airports along with stations. Visitor Oyster card holders also enjoy a range of special offers and discounts across the city. Read this guide to make.

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There is no discount for Pay as you go, although many students hold the National Rail 16-25 Railcard, which can be added to an Oyster card at an Underground station ticket office to obtain a 1/3 reduction on off-peak caps and a 1/3 discount on off-peak Oyster single fares on National Rail (NB peak National Rail fares may be cheaper with discounted paper tickets). A small selection of. Oyster Card 101 What is an Oyster Card? Oyster is a plastic smartcard you can use instead of paper tickets. You can put Travelcards, Bus & Tram season tickets and pay as you go credit on it. Oyster is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London. Travelcards can also be purchased on it and you can get your. Children aged 11 - 15 require an Oyster photo ID card for discount fares which, for non-residents, must be ordered online at least 4 weeks but no more than 3 months in advance, requires an administrative fee of £10.00 and must be picked up with original ID from a ticket office when you arrive in London. You'll have to decide if all that is worth your while or not. The savings could add up if. Oyster card, London, UK. Oyster card is a prepaid public transport IC card used in London for all buses, tube lines, trams, light rail, and some national rail services. The uniqueness of this card is to charge the lowest fare for any trip within London compared to the cash fare. In addition, Oyster fares for some services are set to give discounts to trips during off-peak period. Table 1.

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Off-peak Oyster single fares are for journeys made at other times (any journey on a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday, and any journey on a normal weekday which starts before 6:30am, between 9:30am and 4pm, or after 7pm). *** The Oyster daily price cap is the maximum you will pay if you use your Oyster card to make journeys during the day Oyster cards allow you to get in and out of Tube stations, trams, and buses quickly and easily while still paying the lowest possible fare. While the Oyster card can seem a little intimidating at first, in just a few journeys you can be tapping in and out of London transit like a pro The Oyster peak single fare remains frozen at £1, while a one-day bus pass stays at £3.50. The off-peak fare will rise from 80p to £1. On the Tube Oyster single fares will remain the same across London while travelcards will rise 2% above inflation. TravelWatch, the watchdog for transport users in London, said it would be a relief for passengers that bus and tram fares would not be rising.

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Oyster pay as you go £1.50 £4.50 *This cap includes travel anywhere that accepts Oyster pay as you go, except for Southeastern high speed trains (HS1), Thames Clippers River Bues and Gatwick Express services Adult rate Tube, DLR and London Overground fares 201 Background. The Oyster card was launched in 2003 with the facility to hold season-ticket Travelcards, accepted on both London Underground and National Rail services.In January 2004, a PAYG product was launched for use on London Underground and DLR, but only a limited number of National Rail operators accepted the product on parts of their routes, usually because their tickets were. A: Both Oyster and contactless cards have the same fares at present. Oyster cards can have additional discounts loaded on to them if you have certain types of National Railcards (see below). This is not currently possible with contactless. Contactless cards have a weekly fare cap, equivalent to the same weekly travelcard. This is not currently. Answer 1 of 10: Single fares, one-day and period travelcards in London will be increasing from 2nd January 2013, by an average of 4.2% Here are some of the more popular fares (from a TA point of view!) from 2nd January 2013: Zone 1-2 travelcard: £8.80 1-day.. Oyster single fares cost up to 33% less than paper... This web site uses cookies to improve your experience. By viewing our content, you are accepting the use of cookies

Oyster Card Overcharging. Based on a real incident on 25 January 2010 during morning rush hour, when trains were held up in a tunnel for an hour, resulting in the total delay of about 90 minutes, the Oyster Card systems split up a single journey into two incomplete journeys Visitor Oyster cards are plastic smartcards you can use instead of paper tickets. Put on pay as you go credit which you use when you travel. It is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services in London. You can use your Visitor Oyster card to pay for travel to Heathrow Airport (TFL rail and Heathrow Express. The Oyster card. A standard anytime single fare for travel to Dartford is currently £8.40, but after the system launched on Sunday the new pay as you go contactless payment or Oyster single fare. Seit Januar 2016 können Sie mit Ihrer Contactless- oder Oyster-Karte sowohl mit dem normalen Schienenverkehr als auch mit dem Gatwick Express von Gatwick nach London reisen. Die Preise für Einzelfahrpreise für normale Flüge finden Sie im Single Fare Finder. Auf dieser Grundlage kostet eine Fahrt von Gatwick nach East Croydon 5,20 GBP / 3,00.

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